Denise Washington-Blomberg

Denise Washington-Blomberg


I was born in Long Island, New York to a military family in the US Air Force, traveling abroad to Europe and Hawaii for the most part.  My family fell in love with Colorado and settled here after my father’s retirement.  Dad passed away in 1990 and is buried honorably at Fort Logan National Cemetery.  I have one brother in the area and I am currently caring for my mother.

I’ve attended schools in a number of different places, as you might imagine, but my higher education, Communications with a Broadcasting Emphasis was received here in Colorado. I also have a minor in English Literature.

In 1980 I started my extensive broadcast career in Denver working in both Radio and Television media specializing in news, information and community affairs.  I have been News Director for KUVO Radio, KOSI/KEZW Radio, worked on the Assignment Desk as Editor for Tribune Broadcasting, and as a Producer for KBDI Channel 12.  I also worked as Producer/Anchor for Channel 8 in Aurora.

I am happy to say the Lord gave me an extensive background in media, and I never knew why, until I developed a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and was saved. Then I knew … all these years He was preparing me to work for Him in Christian broadcasting.

In 1997 I started using my new heart and God given talent at KWBI Radio then in 2002 joined the team here at AM91.  I’ve had many years now in Christian broadcasting, and still work a little in mainstream media and voice talent… but it’s evident to my heart where the Lord wants me, at least for now. I’ve learned something over the years. Just follow the Lord, He’ll always do the right thing for you, to His Glory, and therein lays the blessing.