Becky Ross

Becky Ross

Staff_Becky_Name_6407The title of my biography might be: Serious Scientific-Minded Pre-Vet Major Turned Jesus Freak Broadcaster. I enrolled at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas as a pre-vet major. There is a small Christian college there where I could take my prerequisite classes, learn more about my faith, and pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian all at the same time. (I was into multi-tasking even then!)

At Manhattan Christian College I had the opportunity to take radio as an extra curricular activity. Our station there was KMCC, and we had fewer watts than an average light bulb!   I learned a lot about radio technology, and how strange squiggly radio waves travel through air to get to a listener who hears what is “on the air.”

During this time many new Christian artists were up and coming.  You may remember this time in the 1960’s and 1970’s as the “Jesus Movement.”  It was exciting to see how God combined contemporary music with radio technology to reach more and more people.  More missionaries were beginning to use radio, too, broadcasting the Gospel in remote areas of the world.  I loved the music, loved the potential, and wanted to be part of what God was doing.

This leads to my confession. I admit it – I became a Jesus Freak (I blame Larry Norman), and changed my college major to journalism.  I worked as an assistant news director at KSDB in Manhattan, and at KJCK in Junction City, Kansas, as an announcer. During summers and holidays I worked at KAAT in Denver, then a Christian station, where I came to love many great Bible teaching programs. In my early radio days I was blessed to meet many people who heard the Gospel for the first time on the radio, either through a teaching program, in a song, or on the mission field.  It was a very exciting time to see God’s hand at work through radio!

Like most broadcast professionals, I have bounced around quite a bit, and have done everything in radio from program production to news writing to traffic to office management.  I have worked at KNUS, KRKS, KWBI, and KVOD, in addition to KPOF.  I am a published writer, and in 2010 earned my Bachelor’s degree in Management and Ethics from my alma mater, Manhattan Christian College.  I really love my role as Donor Data Coordinator here at AM 91, because I get to talk to so many wonderful listeners every day!

I am blessed to have found a “home” at a ministry that has a commitment to those squiggly radio waves that keep God’s Word moving!  It amazed me then, and still does today, that our genius God literally uses air to bring people to Himself.  Just think: the same air we breathe every day carries God’s Word around the world!